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Antique Wood Stain

Specially formulated to bring out the rich beauty and figure of any wood.

DEEP PENETRATING - Designed to penetrate deep into wood so surface scratches, abrasion and other wear damage will not expose raw, unstained areas.

NON-GRAIN-RAISING - Suppled in a special solvent blend that will not swell grain, checkering, carving or tight inletting.

LIGHT FAST - The dyes used in Antique Wood Stain are metal complexed solvent soluble dyes. These dyes are exceptionally light fast and in many cases are more light fast than pigmented stains.

FINISH COMPATIBILITY - Antique Wood Stain can be added directly to Laurel Mountain Forge's Permalyn Finishes. This is especially useful when refinishing worn areas or in restoration work.

RICH COLORS - Available in many popular colors that enhance the grain and figure of all woods. Adds depth and clarity that can't be obtained with pigment type stains. All colors of Antique Wood Stain can be intermixed to obtain additional colors.  

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CONCENTRATED - Antique Wood Stain is concentrated making it economical to use. One 4 oz. bottle will stain many stocks. It can be reduced to obtain lighter shades for even more economy.

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