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Company History

Laurel Mountain Forge was founded by Rick Schreiber almost 50 years ago. The early history of Laurel Mountain Forge began in the fall of 1969. While a graduate student at the University of Michigan, Rick began building Flintlock Rifles along with a small group of fellow students. Everyone in the group was disillusioned with the quality of the finishes, stains and metal treatments that were available to the average hobbyist at the time. Rick, having a physics and chemistry background, began researching and developing new products for his own use. Word rapidly spread among his fellow gunsmiths about the superiority of his new products.

After graduation, Rick became the Technical Director of a company, supplying varnish, paint and other specialty chemicals to customers all over the world. He continued gunsmithing and working on developing gun care products in his spare time. By 1971, the demand for the products he was using and giving to friends became so great, that he and his wife Faith, started Laurel Mountain Forge to begin marketing their products.

Over the past five decades Laurel Mountain Forge has continued to prosper. It is now a major supplier of specialty chemicals to the gunsmithing trade and other diverse markets. Laurel Mountain Forge products are sold worldwide through distributors and direct sales.

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