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Permalyn Sealer

Permalyn Sealer is made from the same base oils and polymers as Permalyn Gun Stock Finish, but contains special ingredients to insure deep penetration into the stock. This affords maximum durability and insures that surface damage cannot expose raw wood, allowing moisture damage.

Though either Permalyn Sealer or Permalyn Finish can be used alone, for maximum durability and economy they should be used in conjunction with one another.

Permalyn Sealer can be applied by brush, spray or by hand like an oil finish. Permalyn will not skin over in the container or deteriorate with age. Permalyn also makes an excellent all-around finish for other woodworking projects. Use it for interior woodwork, furniture or as an exterior finish. Use it any place durability and beauty are needed. 

                                          Available in 4 oz. and Quart sizes.                             ORDER   

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