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Protects - PermaWax is a unique blend of waxes, polymers and UV protectants, specially formulated to stand up to wear and weather. The UV protectants shield wood, stain and finish from the damaging effects of sunlight.

Cleans - PermaWax will remove old wax, oil and dirt build up on all wooden surfaces.  Contains no abrasives to harm softer finishes.

Seals & Fills – The waxes and polymers in PermaWax are designed to fill and seal all surface scrathes and abrasion. PermaWax easily makes that tired, worn stock look like new. Use PermaWax as a final finish on new firearms. Fills steel wool and sandpaper scratches with ease.

Many Uses – PermaWax is also great for use on other wooden surfaces such as furniture – anyplace you want to restore the original beauty to the wood. PermaWax can also be used as a final finish on metal parts for abrasion and corrosion protection.

Available in two colorsNatural for light colored wood and Dark for darker wood shades.


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